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The World Seed
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[SP] The Beginning <<Bootcamp Part 1 - The Basics>>

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Kiro found himself in the main area of this new world called SPC Glocken, where most of the people met up. It was one of the only safe zones in Gun Gale Online, explaining why he couldn’t see anyone fighting against each other on spawn. The child looked down at his body in this virtual reality game, noticing that he looked quite similar to himself in the real life but wore a different attire. Perhaps everyone had to earn armor while progressing through the game and doing quests or something of that matter. He hadn’t searched much about the game before entering, knowing that he would be able to learn the basics as he progressed through it. To test the physics on this game, the boy jumped upwards and noticed that is similar to the real world but lighter. The was that his physical stature was based off what he was thinking of himself during the process of entering the game was exciting, letting everyone get the appearance they always hoped to have. However, the child ended up with his same look on here.

He grinned a little more, clenching his fist and looking forward. Another challenge had appeared, and now he had to overcome it by becoming the best at this game or at least someone well-known. Though, before he could continue with his thoughts, a straw-hatted male approached him and offered him the currency that this game used. “I don’t need those, sir. Don’t worry about it,” he declared, smiling and tilting his head to a side. Kiro guessed that this man had noticed he was just a beginner and wanted to give him a gift to help him progress through the game. However, the child was wrong because of the adult only wanting his avatar and spilling nonsense about it being a special module. He shook his head, unable to understand what he was saying and stating that he had just entered this world for the first time. “I see. I guess there’s nothing left I can do,” he replied, shrugging and walking across one of the bridges nearby. Suddenly, the male turned around and added, “Hit me up if you change your opinion. Name’s Moab, by the way.” 

WC: 372

TWC: 372


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Kiro nodded his head in a slow manner, knowing that he would never do what he asked him to. Somehow, he was uneasy around this man because the child didn’t know what the man could do to get what he wanted. It seemed like he had given up, yet he still continued to stare at him while he walked away.”I wanted to be good to him, but he is just too creepy,” he thought, sighing in disbelief. The blue-haired boy approached a female player with a gentle smile on his face, questioning her about the location where he could take a tutorial of some sort to get the hang out of this game. The direction she pointed at in his map was F.O.B Scorpion, another place in this gigantic world where he would need to speak with Lieutenant Blackstone. Even his name gave him chills, so he knew this first adventure would surely not be fun.

He was going to try his best to quickly make it through this quest and learn the basics of the game. The child showed respect towards her by bowing his head. She shook her hand sideways, stating that it was fine. It was her first time seeing someone do so in this game, weirding her out a little. Even though she felt like returning the bow, the woman was standing with her newbie-like friends that she was guiding through the game. He was lucky to make it in time to speak with them and figure out what he had to do first. “Well, I’ll take my leave,” Kiro said, raising his head and looked at the map to guide himself better while he went to the tutorial camp for instructions.

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Kiro kept following the trail that his map showed him, finding a big door that locked his exit from this city. He looked around, noticing that there were two guards protecting the gates. The blue-haired male walked over one of them, holding a calm smile on his face and trying to seem as friendly as possible. “Good morning, mister Guard. Would you please open the gates? If so, please let me through to the nearby camp,” questioned the boy, observing the NPC guards moving over to the doors and pushing them wide open. His eyes turned right and noticed the size of these gates. They were three times the size of his body, and they would surely have an immense durability. He rubbed his chin lightly, unable to tell if these doors would be able to be opened by someone using a gun of some sort. The child shook his head in disbelief, knowing that a gun would never be able to do such a thing. However, he did have to remember that he was in a Virtual World where everything was possible.

Kiro nodded his head, raising his head to look forward and stepped outside of the city in the direction of F.O.B Scorpion. The child gazed left and right, seeing gunmen and women shooting down monsters to increase their level and to loot their body. He was excited, hoping that he could finish this tutorial part of the game and to move on to defeat mobs and get stronger. “All right, now to get there…” he faintly whispered, bringing out his map and restating the location of his next objective. The boy continued to walk and run, and after a few miles, he was already able to see the camp and who was supposed to be the person or NPC training him and teaching him the basics.

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Kiro approached the Lieutenant with a gentle and calm smile, noticing how tall he was. His body looked slim and fit, like how an army lieutenant would look like in real life or in a movie of some sort. He still didn’t exactly know how the looks on this game exactly worked, but he would make sure to search for it inside of his house when he finished his training. For some reason, though, he shook his head and determinedly remembered that he wanted to quickly get stronger. However, he also had other goals like making new friends that he could trust to protect his back,  and that would trust him to protect them too. The blue-haired child excitedly stood before the thin-skinned adult and bowed his head in respect, even if he was just a mere AI. However, if he wasn’t there to help everyone out to learn the basics of the game, no one would be where they are… The boy closed his eyes for a moment, remembering how he was the gunmen fighting, but little did he know, their attitude didn’t seem normal at all. He hadn’t noticed until he reached this camp, but he was decided to successfully go through it to be the best on this game where your gun would never lie to you and would lead you to glory.


Kiro rose his head in determination, grinning. His eyes matched the male’s own, making him smirk in happiness. That was his first time seeing an NPC showing such an emotion, and for some reason felt quite awkward. Perhaps he was one of the high-tier AIs that could react to people and that didn’t have build in answers and that could act like a normal person. From what he read, those were strictly forbidden and the experiments to achieve such a creature were voided. However, how could an experiment that received help from the government go down so quickly and without any complaints? There were a lot of people that wanted to see how cute NPC's reacted to them flirting with them, instead of seeing them tilting their heads to a side and saying that they didn’t know what they were talking about. Though there were also a few people that were against this. Truth to be told, the thought of having NPCs that you couldn’t differentiate from real humans was terrifying but exciting at the same moment. If there was a way that the government kept this project secretly going, he would surely support them depending on their needs. If what they were doing was wrong, though, the boy would make sure to stop them with all of his might. Most likely using his parent’s influence in the process, though. He was still young and no one would listen to him unless they knew who he actually was, or at least that’s how his life was until now where no one could possibly know who he was unless they recognized his last and first name.


When he thought about it like that, he could tell that it wasn’t the best idea to call himself by his real name, but he thought it was all right because he wasn’t good at naming and also liked his name. Kiro quickly shook his head, knowing that he was spacing out a lot and that he had to focus on the situation taking place before him. “Good morning, mister Blackstone. I hope you’re having a great day, sir!” He exclaimed, hoping that his language was similar to how soldiers of the army spoke to their higher-ups. The child was just imitating movies and FPS games, so he had no idea if what he was doing was right or wrong. He innocently gazed upon the male, wishing that he wouldn’t turn out yelling at him right of the bat. Thankfully, his wishes came through as if someone heard his wishes; could the moderators of this game read minds or something? That was the only thought that roamed through his mind, and they most likely received it. “Good morning, recruit! Ready for your first training session? If so, take this gun and let me show you the basics,” he calmly said, grabbing one of the two guns that he had near him and moving across the camp to what seemed to be a training ground. Of course, the blue-haired kid chased after him and listened to his explanations about how the system assist on this game worked and how shooting worked. “To recapitulate, placing a finger on the trigger will show a red line called Bullet Line that indicates where you will be aiming at. If you can shoot without using it, then almost no one will be able to dodge your attacks. I think,” he started, placing a single finger on the trigger while tightly holding the gun called Glock 17. Sure enough, a red line appeared at it was aiming at the head of a really close dummy. He glanced around, noticing that there was a close dummy, a slightly far one, and a really far one. Would he need to destroy all of these to pass? The first two seemed like an easy task, but the last one sure didn’t! He sighed, returning his sight to the man and continuing to listen to him.


“Now, the system assist will also show you a circle that determines where you’ll shoot. If you are calm, the circle will get smaller and smaller, and your accuracy will increase,” he finished, shooting one of the targets and demonstrating how it worked. Kiro nodded his head once, understanding how the guns in this world worked. Guns in the real world were really difficult to handle, but here you had a system assisting you. The child rubbed his chin, thinking that professional gunmen from the army could come to this world to receive training and it would surely show its benefits in their work. It would become way easier to deal with thieves, and everyone would be able to protect themselves. Though even if you train very hard in this world, your mind would be able to recognize certain movements in the world, your body wouldn’t. In that case, you only had to train your physique and you should be good to go. “If only everyone thought like me, the world wouldn’t be in such a bad state,” he mumbled under his breath, sighing. The blue-haired child listened to his trainer’s request and grabbed the firearm, entering a similar pose as him and taking a short breath. Kiro was calm, calmer than ever to be honest. He looked to his target and then back towards the gun, resting a single finger on the trigger to see the bullet line and where it led to increasing his accuracy. It was surely aiming at the head like he was expecting. The boy stared at his target, keeping track of his bullet circle and waiting for it to get as small as possible to begin firing. Once it reached a minimal state, he fired off the gun without moving a bit, continuing to do the same twice after. He shifted to straight pose, observing the results of his attempts.



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ID: #392 Firing at Dummy Target from Close Range SPP1 10+2= 12 Hit! 15 DMG

ID: #393 Firing at Dummy Target from Close Range SPP2 14+2= 16 Critical Hit! 30 DMG

ID: #394 Firing at Dummy Target from Close Range SPP3 16+2= 18 Critical Hit! 30 DMG


Dummy Target: 20-75=0

WC: 1203

TWC: 2175


Kiro observed his bullets successfully hit his target, taking it down with ease. The blue-haired child smiled, walking over his defeated opponent and taking notes of where the bullets hit. From what it looked like, the first bullet pierced through his throat with impressive speed and dealing a high amount of damage. He sighed, gazing towards the second and third shot to inspect them. It seemed like he was able to land two headshots in a row and that fact made him quite happy. He was just a beginner, yet he was already decent at this game. The boy turned around to face the Lieutenant, noticing the grin on his face while he clapped his hands. “Impressive! It seems like my expectations were right. You might be a professional like me one day, but that’ll take you years and years of training!” the man said, laughing. The kid quickly nodded his head in excitement, getting, even more, hope to continue playing this game. He listened to the male explain what the rest of the tutorial would be about and pointed at the other training dummies he’s seen before when he was scanning the area. “Resuming, you have to do the same against those training dummies. Good luck, rookie!” Said the male, who proceeded to sit down on a nearby bench and started to observe the boy and his attempts to kill the training dummies with all of his might and battle experience. He looked forward and observed his opponents with a close look, closing his eyes and breathing to stay calm. Suddenly, he opened his eyes and let a finger of his rest on top of the trigger, showing the bullet line and where it was aiming. This time around, it was going to be a harder task to fulfill but he was confident in his skill and his possibilities to defeat his enemy.


Kiro rose his gun until he could see the bullet line aiming at its head, beginning to question the instructor about his experiences and how many people were able to defeat them target at a long range before. The reply came out almost instantly, and it seemed that not many people were able to get it. However, the reward they would be getting was most likely worth the try so he was going to do his best to be able to shoot it down. A single bullet wouldn’t be enough unless he managed to headshot it, which was most likely not going to work because of the distance. The blue-haired child cleared his throat, continuing to point the gun at the rather far enemy with confidence and determination. Once the moment came, he began to shoot it rapidly in succession in the hopes to take it down with as much easy as his last target. The boy smiled widely, glancing at his trainer. The male returned the same smile and pet his head, saying that he was one of the only people able to take it down in the first round without any trouble. Sure, he wasn’t able to get any headshots but his skill was enough to impress the AI who had limited data about players and other mobs alike. The Lieutenant rose a finger and pointed it at the last but not least opponent remaining. It was most likely that he wasn’t going to defeat it, but it was worth the try.


ID: #395 Firing at Dummy Target from Mid Range SPP1 13-3+1= 11 Grazing Hit! 7.5

ID: #396 Firing at Dummy Target from Mid Range SPP2 2-3+1= Critical Miss! 0

ID: #397 Firing at Dummy Target from Mid Range SPP3 18-3+1= 16 Normal Hit! 15


Dummy Target: 20-22.5= 0


WC: 568

TWC: 2743

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Kiro sat down and started to rest near the friendly NPC. They seemed to get along well, for some reason. perhaps it was because the boy was interested in this advanced AI and because the AI was interested in teaching him. “All right, I’ll give you fifteen minutes to rest up and look around. We’ll meet back here to see how well you’ll do against the far target. I wish you luck, boy.” He said, returning his head to the front and walked away across the camp. However, he stopped and rubbed his chin, glancing at him. “What's your name, by the way? I want everyone to know that I trained you when you become a famous one,” he questioned with a friendly look, holding his hand out as if he wanted to shake his. The blue-haired child charged forward and held his hand, shaking it afterward. “My name is Kiro. It’s a pleasure to meet you, Lieutenant!” He happily declared, smiling gently. They both nodded and waved at themselves, leaving the area and heading to different places. He turned around, walking to the entrance of the boot camp to speak with the other people in it. First came a young woman who was guarding the entrance while also stuffing their loot in a bag. When he looked at her like that, it seemed like they weren’t actual NPCs and it was rather disturbing. However, he went along with it and approached her, bowing his head respectfully. “Good morning, miss. How are you doing?” Asked the boy with a joyful and excited tone of voice. “G’morning to you too, young man,” she replied without looking at him to the face. He could tell that she was busy, so he decided to leave her alone and head to speak with someone else. However, they replied with the same answer and were doing the same stuff. Was he right about the Lieutenant being a new generation AI? The child shook his head in disbelief, deciding to wave his thoughts away for the time being.


The blue-haired kid rubbed his chin, guessing that it was already time that he came back. Instead of continuing to waste time speaking with second-generation NPCs, Kiro charged back to the training area in the camp and found the male sitting down on a bench while eating some kind of bread. Before joining in this game, he had figured out that this item had another name but he had forgotten what it was. The older gunman noticed him standing beside him and tossed a piece of bread to him. He quickly caught it, knowing that it would disappear when it hit the ground. They discussed what they were going to do next once again, as a reminder, and finally began the last part of his training. Or at least that’s what he thought at the time, which would result to be wrong once he questioned his training about it. However, he was going to be in real action on the second quest, so he would surely be fine. The child ran to the shooting spot where he was supposed to be and looked towards his target with a calm look on his face. Kiro swiftly withdrew his pistol, held it directly at his opponent’s head and placed a single finger on the trigger to reveal his bullet line to use it to his advantage. Once his bullet circle was small enough, he pressed the trigger and shot at it, hoping to hit and defeat his enemy.


Sadly, all of his shots missed and was told that it was normal with a gun like the one he was currently using. The blue-haired child left the area with the reward the Lieutenant gave him and rested until another day.


ID: #398 Firing at Dummy from Long Range! Critical Miss

ID: #399 Firing at Dummy from Long Range! Critical Miss

ID: #400 Firing at Dummy from Long Range! Critical Miss


WC: 629

TWC: 3372

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Rewards - Primary Objectives (Complete)

- 2 Skill Points
- 500 Credits
- 2 extra magazines of pistol ammunition of your choice (must be submitted to Evaluation for review)

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