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  1. Grimm

    I need Help.

    Are you (re)new to the site? Or to the ALO part?
  2. Quick question, I was looking through the staff directory and I noticed that there was a PA development team and a OS development team, what does OS and PA stand for?

    1. Erroneous


      Check the main page. http://worldseed.sao-rpg.com/

       Ordinal Scale and Project Alicization

  3. Grimm

    Idea's For ALO

    Also, because SAO won't do it. We can, THERE ARE BOWS IN ALO. Proof? Sinon is a character reference here.
  4. Grimm

    Dev Needed!!!

    Like I said, I'm more then willing to help.
  5. Grimm

    Idea's For ALO

    Different regions might be good idea, I'm assuming you've already thought of that.
  6. Grimm

    So... Has the progress stopped?

    @Erroneous I'd love to help, I have to much time on my hands. Where is your contact info exactly?
  7. I noticed someone mentioned that the progress of Alfhiems release was, postponed. I can help you if you'd like, I mean, I knew enough about Web Design to have a decent idea of what I'm doing.
  8. Hey, I'm Grimm, new to GGO, anyway I was wondering, would a compound bow would work in this particular game, because...



    It would work perfectly for my character...

    1. Kirae


      As of yet, bows are not a possible weapon in the game. However, I too am interested in this concept and would like to bring it up with the other staff members :D

    2. Grimm


      You should, I think it would be PERFECT for this kinda game.