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  1. Anyone else having trouble editing replies or is it just me?

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    2. Erroneous


      The site was completely updated this morning, so perhaps there's a chance what issue you have may have fixed itself. I've edited a few topics myself before the update and left a message at the end saying I edited at what time/day to see if I could replicate your problem, it worked fine for me, so unless I receive more information I can't troubleshoot it. Let me know if this persists now even after today's update.

    3. Yinangi


      *Raises hand* I'm experiencing this problem.

      I took Dazia's advice, so if anyone could just remove the unfinished post that I couldn't seem to edit...

    4. Ricard


      I had the issue myself a few days ago. Wasn't major, since it was really just a case of me not liking my own word choice, but it definitely wasn't letting me edit.