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  1. Anyone else having trouble editing replies or is it just me?

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      The site was completely updated this morning, so perhaps there's a chance what issue you have may have fixed itself. I've edited a few topics myself before the update and left a message at the end saying I edited at what time/day to see if I could replicate your problem, it worked fine for me, so unless I receive more information I can't troubleshoot it. Let me know if this persists now even after today's update.

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      *Raises hand* I'm experiencing this problem.

      I took Dazia's advice, so if anyone could just remove the unfinished post that I couldn't seem to edit...

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      I had the issue myself a few days ago. Wasn't major, since it was really just a case of me not liking my own word choice, but it definitely wasn't letting me edit.

  2. Sharr

    [SP]I'm Back! <<Bootcamp Part 2>>

    'Huh? It's empty.' Sharr sighed and continued to head North. Not before long, he found one. 'Ha! First catch ofnthe day, and hopefully the last.'
  3. Sharr went back to F.O.B. Scorpion after restocking his ammo, and taking a really long break. 'It was still lacking though.' He entered the tent and was greeted by no other than the Lieutenant himself. "ALRIGHT LITTLE SQUIRT! YOU KNOW THE DRILL! TWO PINCERS AND A STINGER! GET YOUR SORRY A*S! OUT THERE AND COMPLETE THE MISSION! ARE WE CLEAR?! "YES SIR WE ARE CRYSTAL CLEAR!" He then walked out of the tent and made his way to the North, back to the spawning place of the Desert Scorpions. 'Alright, kill Scorpions, get materials, and look for surveillance drones since apparently the event is still on going. Huh? What's this?' Sharr found a briefcase and pried it open. ID# 381 LD: 45 -Nothing.
  4. Sharr

    [PP] A Drink and a Few Others

    Sharr ordered a drink as Mineta talked. "Hey yo! Bartender! A Mohito please! Payment is on this guy." He said as he pointed his tumb at Mineta. He then took off his hat and mask, and sighed. "Well, I've been chilling, trying to get my momentum back up thanks to that boot camp. God I swear I don't wanna see Blackstone again, but it is necessary sadly." He said, taking a sip from his drink. "What about you? Getting the hang of falling from roof tops already? You are gonna need it kid, Since you are like someone who would die just to fondle some old hag's silicon breast." Sharr then gulped down his Mohito and requested the bartender for a refill. @Grapebomber
  5. Sharr

    [PP] A Drink and a Few Others

    After buying and restocking ammo for his gun, Sharr walked around around the Glocken, spending his break wisely before going back to the bootcamp. 'I wish this could last forever, not Lt. Blackballs in sight..' His thoughts were cut short when he received a message from someone whom he does not know, but is vaguely familiar with. After reading the message, a memory finally came to mind. 'Oh it is that little perv!' Sharr typed a reply as he headed for the bar. Sure, I'm heading there right now, give me a minute. As for the drink, I assume it is your treat? Well, your choice anyways. Time passed and Sharr finally reached the bar. He approached a little player sitting on a booster seat, and sat beside him. "Lovely bar, I do see some cute girls around..." Sharr said trying to start a conversation.
  6. Sharr

    The Zaskar Market

    Sharr walked into the shop feeling tired. "Damn those Scorpions, this game really does know how to empty credits." He said out loud. He then approached to a Shotgun in display. 'Remmington 870 Marine Magnum, just a little bit left and I'll be getting my hands on this baby.' He walked away from it, and went on to get a restock of his ammo. "Three 9x19mm Parabellums, tough world, out there, gotta conserve that ammo." x3 - 9x19mm Parabellum -900 Remaining Credits = 4225 - 900 = 3325
  7. Sharr

    [OP] Chillin' in the City of Guns

    Sharr watched as Laridas picked Mineta up and drag him to the top of an eight story building, 'This is why you don't mess with girls... They always have a dangerous side in them.' Soon enough she tossed Mineta off the building and sent him rolling for a little while, nut when he got up, he hit a lamp pole and fainted. 'Wow, kids these days sure are taking their chances.' Sharr thought as he remembered what he saw, Mineta trying to hit Shadara's butt. "Oh dear..." Sharr approached Mineta and whispered to his ear. "Hey kid, that girl with black and red hair is walking naked right now, trust me, not even I don't want to miss this sight." Sharr walked away from Mineta and towards the rest of the group. "Well, since some of us are a little under age, a little tour around the Glocken might actually be more helpful."
  8. Here’s another thread completed. (failed the quest anyone wanna do this again with me?) Anyone wanna RP? I am interested in doing any quest, but social rps are fine too, and so is Drone Hunting.

    1. Grapebomber


      If you're still up to get a drink, then I'm up for a thread.

  9. Rewards and Summary: Page Rewards: -None Quest Rewards: -None Loot: 1600 + 1500 + 1125 = 4225 Credits and 2 <<Standard>> Mats
  10. ‘My bullets must have messed it up so bad.’ Sharr shot at the Surveillance until it exploded saying one word each time he pulled the trigger. “F*ck. You. C*nt.” Sharr took his gun away and turned his back on the drone. ‘I wonder what kind of hell is waiting for me...’ Sharr reached the Bootcamp and reported his failure to Lt. Blackstone. “YOU TOOK THAT LONG IN THE WASTELAND AND HERE YOU BRING ME NOTHING?! I COULD...” The Lieutenant said a couple more words but Sharr couldn’t bear to listen tk him this time, he was tired, he wanted to take a break. “... but I’m impressed you’re not dead kid. GET YOURSELF READY! TALK TO ME WHEN BOTH YOU AND YOUR GUN ARE READY TO EAT S*IT ONCE MORE!” Sharr left the boot camp in the hopes of finding another player to help him in this. Sharr | HP: 240/240 | DMG: 15 | ACC: 0 | EVA: 0 | MIT: 0 SPP1 ID# 370 BD: 13 + 1 = 14 -Deals 15/2 = 7 DMG SPP2 ID# 371 BD: 1 + 1 = 2 -Auto Miss SPP3 ID# 372 BD: 17 + 1 = 18 -Deals 15 DMG Total Damage Dealt: 22 - 5 = 17 (10 - 2 = 8) <Surveillance Drone> | HP: 0/75 | DMG: 30 | ACC: 0 | EVA: 0 | MIT: 5 ID# 373 LD: 30 +1 125 Credits
  11. Sharr ran at the Surveillance Drone until he was close enough for a short range combat. “You ain’t going nowhere for spying on me you piece of scrap!” ‘Puns? Really Sharr? As if this bot would laugh at it least hear it, I’m gonna destroy it anyway.’ He thought as he drawed his gun and aimed it at the drone. His first shot made the drone lower in altitude, the second sent it smoking, the third finally brought it down to the ground. “Hostile Target Detected, Initiating Combat Mode.” The Drone started wildly and randomly shoot at him but missed every single one without Sharr moving from his place. 0 | -2 Sharr | HP: 240/240 | DMG: 15 | ACC: 0 | EVA: 0 | MIT: 0 SPP1 ID# 366 BD: 20 + 1 = 21 -Deals 15 x 2 = 30 DMG SPP2 ID# 367 BD: 20 + 1 = 21 -Deals 15 x 2 = 30 DMG SPP3 ID# 368 BD: 15 + 1 = 16 -Deals 15 DMG Total Damage Dealt: 75 - 5 = 70 DMG (13 - 3 = 10) <Surveillance Drone> | HP: 5/75 | DMG: 30 | ACC: 0 | EVA: 0 | MIT: 5 -2 -> -1 ID# 369 MD: 2 -Miss
  12. Sharr

    [OP] Chillin' in the City of Guns

    "Nice meeting you Laridas" Sharr replied. 'Aaah, yes, one of those guys, they really are desperate aren't they' Sharr thought as he observed the purple haired avatar. Not long, another female player approached the group'What kind of luck does this kid have? He is already setting up a harem in a short amount of time.' But as soon as the female newcomer looked at herself in a glass, it was enough for Sharr to know that he was a guy in real life. "That is quite unfortunate..." He said as he looked from Mineta to Relix. 'I wanted to say to you both, but I guess I don't want to offend these guys,' Sharr sighed. "Guess I'm just gonna leave it at that... Anyone fancy a drink?"
  13. Sharr started to head back to F.O.B. Scorpion. As he walked, he could still feel a presence of something watching him. ‘That stupid f**king drone event, I wonder how anyone could tolerate this, the feeling of having a pervert watching you, except its not a pervert, but a sicka*$ drone that is just so hard to bring down.’ Sharr continued to walk until he found himself in a place where there were a few spots to hide in. ‘Behind the rock huh? you ain’t gonna get away from me this time.’ Sharr ran at the drone who was hiding at the rock but now was fleeing away from him. He chased it this time hoping to not lose it again. ID# 364 LD: 73 -Drone found
  14. Sharr decided to charge at the Desert Scorpion screaming. The Desert Scorpion tried to attack him with its pincers but he was too fast for them to reach him. Once Sharr was pass the Scorpion, Sharr shot at the Scorpion until it died, shattered, and disappeared. ‘No quest drops again? I am getting tired, and low at ammo at that.’ He thought as he let out a depressing sigh. ‘Well, there will always be the credits, two sides of the coin huh... Wonder what I’m gonna say to Lt. Blackstone, or what he is gonna say to me, or if I still could take this quest fir a second time, God I wish I could.’ 3 | 3 Sharr | HP: 240/240 | DMG: 15 | ACC: 0 | EVA: 0 | MIT: 0 3 -> 2 SPP1 ID# 360 BD: 17 + 1 = 18 -Deals 15 DMG SPP2 ID# 361 BD: 14 + 1 = 15 -Deals 15 DMG (15 - 2 = 13) <Desert Scorpion> | HP: 0/100 | DMG: 20 | ACC: 0 | EVA: 0 | MIT: 0 ID# 363 LD: 33 TD: 9 +1 500 Credits
  15. Sharr, who was still kneeling, aimed his gun at the Desert Scorpion and tried to shoot it down one last time. When he pulled the trigger, all that came out was a “click” “Not again!” He said out loud. Sharr got out of the way when the Desert Scorpion already closed its distance between the two and tried to attack him. Sharr rolled on his belly until he hit a rock. ‘Wow best roll ever, so proffesional. Oh? Looks like I caught the boss’ sarcasm...’ Sharr reloaded while lying down. He tried to do it quickly for the Desert Scorpion was already in melee range from him. 3 | 2 Sharr | HP: 240/240 | DMG: 15 | ACC: 0 | EVA: 0 | MIT: 0 Reload: -1 9x19 Parabellum <Desert Scorpion> | HP: 22/100 | DMG: 20 | ACC: 0 | EVA: 0 | MIT: 0 2 -> 3 ID# 360 MD: 3 -Miss