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  1. So, I've got some thoughts on how GGO is right now, and perhaps some of these thoughts can be discussed.

    Overall, I'd say it's going great, but there are some things that could be thought about or improved, although I'm only sharing my thoughts here. It's ultimately your decisions on what is considered.

    Weapons and quality: I understand that weapons already have their range bonuses and damage, but honestly, what's the point of them having any enhancement slots if there aren't any enhancements for them? If that is for the maximum attachments to add to the weapon, then I understand, and this thought is to be disregarded.

    Biomes...?: So, I know that the wasteland is anywhere outside of the city, but other than ruins of other cities, settlements, and deserts, what else is there? A dictionary entry I read on wasteland was like this:

    noun: wasteland
    1. an unused area of land that has become barren or overgrown.
      2. a bleak, unattractive, and unused or neglected urban or industrial area.

    So....yeah, I can actually see other types of wastelands besides just desert and ruins.


    Again, I'll leave what happens to be up to you. I'm just sharing my thoughts.

  2. Vigilon

    [SP] Of Guns and Roses

    Rellix had failed in chasing down a single stupid drone. Expected, but embarrassing. Sure, problems were expected during the low level, but he would need to stick with it until he rose in level and got himself a sniper rifle. For now, he would train against monsters and get some nice loot on the way. If he found that drone again, there would be a bullet with it's name on it. "I'll catch up to that drone soon, and it'll have to deal with me. Hopefully I can aim correctly, or even score a precision shot or two! I'll need plenty of that kind of practice if I'm going to snipe out my enemies one day." <<Loadout>>
  3. Vigilon

    [Event] - Suspicious Surveillance

    Rellix had finally gotten himself a gun, but although it wasn't a sniper rifle, it was a gun nevertheless. He would need to both train and grind for credits, especially if he was going to have enough ammo later on. As he left the city, he got a notification speaking of drones and their suspicious surveillance that needed to be stopped. "Welp, that'll be my first mission, then." He then thought he saw something to his left, but it turned out to be a dead tree...but what was behind it...? He walked over to the tree, and moved a hand behind it, touching some metal, and a drone fled from the spot, now knowing it had been discovered. Rellix cocked his pistol, and the chase was on! Threads Thread Name/Link to thread, Number of <Surveillance Drone> Destroyed in thread, Any Event items picked up. Thread Name/Link to thread, Number of <Surveillance Drone> Destroyed in thread, Any Event items picked up.
  4. Vigilon

    [OP] Chillin' in the City of Guns

    It seemed that most of the players found his situation either unfortunate or laughable. The blue haired player broke character, and he recognized the voice's style. Rellix knew it all too well. "...Jewel? Gotta be honest, I never thought that you'd be in this game. Well, I guess there's yet another thing we do together..." He said as he scratched his back a bit, his cheeks reddening slightly, although he didn't notice. He had been through a lot with her, and he had feelings toward her, too. Of course Hallie would come to this game. Shadara seemed confused at first, regarding the fact that Hallie was adopted. She soon recognized Rellix as Vigilon, a name he went by in a different game. Well, technically, two games, one of them being destroyed via escape. "I actually thought you weren't going to return to a VRMMORPG after what had happened, so I guess you'd prefer guns over blades. Seriously though, you can still enjoy both genres...right?" Of course Hallie would find a way to turn Rellix's misfortune into another one of her ways to laugh. "Come on, Hallie, puns suit you better than this." The purple haired player's antics had been counted with strikes. Hallie counted the third strike, and she picked him up, carried him up an eight story building, and threw him off. Reality was certainly defied due to this being a safe zone, 'cause if it wasn't, the player that got thrown would be dead. The purple haired player somehow got up, although dizzy, and attempted to do more of the antics that had gotten him thrown in the first place before falling unconscious. "Serves him right, honestly, winking at Jewel like that, as well as what else he'd already done." He walked over to Jewel and put his arm around her. "As long as I can do something about it, nobody's gonna lay a hand on her." When he was going to agree with S that exploring Glocken would be helpful, Rellix witnessed Shadara throw the purple haired player, then return to the players practically enraged, saying they should leave before he wakes up. "Well, there doesn't seem to be anything else to do here, might as well."
  5. Vigilon

    [OP] Chillin' in the City of Guns

    (OOC: Dude, there's nothing there. As it says so in the journal, the avatar only appears female, but it's really not.) The white haired girl with red eyes said, "Why not?", so Rellix shifted closer to the group, not knowing what he was getting himself into. Someone short rubbed his hands together in a suspicious way, causing Rellix to become slightly nervous. The short player, who had this unusual purple hairdo, walked up to Rellix and said...well, nothing good in the least when he began. Rellix's first thought, however, was to think he was trying to get into his head, but that couldn't happen without reason... "Wh-whaat!?" Rellix frantically placed his hands on various areas of his chest, and then sighed in relief when he found that nothing was there. "Ohh, thank goodness, there's nothing there..." He scratched his head, but in the process, he learned of his avatar's hairstyle, and moved the fingers of his right hand down the ponytail while he had an absolutely shocked face. "This can't be happening..." He quickly walked over to a nearby building, and through the glass reflecting the image of his avatar, what he'd feared was just confirmed. "AAAAAAAAHHHH!!! I look like a girl!! What- What's going on here?! I- This, this can't be real!!!" He said as he turned back to the group of players, the same freaked out expression on his face.
  6. Vigilon

    The Zaskar Market

    Rellix needed to start training, and fast. To do that, however, he would need a weapon. He walked into the Zaskar Market in search of a good weapon to start with. He only had a thousand credits, so he would have to be careful when spending them. He looked through the available weapons. "Hm, let's see here... Oh? Is that a sniper rifle?" It sure was a nice weapon there, but the problem was... "10,000 Credits?! ...Well, shoot." He also looked at the stat requirements. "Crap, that thing's heavy, too!" After looking at his own stats, as well as the weapons around, he had little choice remaining. "*sigh*, Pistols it is, then..." The pistols would be merely something to start with. One day, he would be able to snipe his enemies from afar, but he would switch to a different weapon type if his enemies got too close. But that was merely a dream for another day. His eyes were now on the Glock 19. "Hm, with one preloaded mag, and one extra mag purchased, that means a full 30 rounds, resulting in a potential lifetime damage of 450...but that's only a slim chance. Either way, I'll be needing it." So he brought the gun to the counter, along with an extra magazine for it, and handed over the credits to pay for it. @Zaskar Glock 19(with 1x «9x19mm Parabellum»[15 Round]): -500 Credits «9x19mm Parabellum»(15 Round): - 300 Credits Credits Remaining: 200
  7. Vigilon

    [OP] Chillin' in the City of Guns

    Alex was eager to try out a different genre of VRMMORPGs, this one also being an FPS, from what he could tell. Logging in would be a moment he wouldn't forget, for multiple reasons. Alex chose for the username, which would also serve to be the avatar's name, to be Rellix. Soon, he would be warped to the city. Rellix opened his eyes. He was in a city that had this certain air about it. "Man, what a place this looks like...I wonder what I'll do in this game..." He was soon able to get some info about the game's world. It was post-apocalyptic, and beyond the city was a mostly barren wasteland. He didn't get much info on the usual player behavior, but from the words he'd overheard from some, words of warning and caution from others...Rellix didn't really realize the situation until now. "Well, looks like my question has been answered, all right. Something will have to be done about it..." He continued to wander around the city, and then he noticed a group of eight players. "Oh, why not? I'd need to talk with someone eventually!" He walked up to the players. "You don't mind if I join in the conversation, do you?" Huh. That was weird, his voice seemed different. Must be something to do with the avatar, maybe. Heck, he hadn't even seen what his avatar looked like, which would prove to be a problem, for his avatar didn't exactly appear masculine...
  8. Vigilon


    Transaction Log: Credits: Materials:
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    <<Rellix>> [Note: The avatar(As shown above) may appear female, and can definitely confuse players and such, but it is male. The avatar's voice, can be described as one that could come from either gender, adding to the confusion.] Profile: Username: Rellix Real name: Alex Silver Age: 22 Gender: Male Height: 5'7" Birthday: July 7 About/History: Alex was once in a happy family in America, but when he was twelve, everything changed. His father was murdered, his older sister, Alyssa, became a jerk towards him, as well as others around her(probably to cope), his grades dropped almost as low as his deep sorrow, which lead to him finding a way to escape the ever hateful world: video games. He began to find pleasure, challenge, and appreciation in the artificial worlds he explored as a hero. When he found out about Virtual Reality, he instantly took interest. When he had some free time, he would occasionally be outside, practicing swordplay with his intense imagination. High School life, in short, was fairly difficult for him. Not many friends to help him keep his head in the game, Math(obvious problem here, it's Mental Abuse To Humans), the list goes on... During his freshman year, he met someone by the name of Victor Falcon, who was the heir of a prosperous company known as Falcon Industries. The two things that confused Alex here were: One, why wasn't he at some prestigious academy for his sort? Two...why was he trying to get with Alyssa? It almost half surprised Alex that Victor was currently on the top of the social system, and most of the students knew him by "King Falcon" by their own choice. During his sophomore year, it was as if everything went through a changing phase. Victor left, since he graduated, and a girl also in her sophomore year, April Darren, practically swooped in and quickly climbed to the top, establishing a new order for the social system. Everyone at the school, excluding Alex and Alyssa, knew her as the ever-popular "Lady April". Alex and April hardly knew what it was between them at first, with all the willingness to help each other, despite the fact that they knew how to piss each other off, those different sorts of things. Eventually, the two were able to confirm that they were frenemies. Thus, what remained of his years in school were truly full of surprises, some of them pleasant...some of them not, especially during the "War of pranks" in the junior year. He preferred to not bother with College. On one of his not-so-good days, his mother gave him a gift, hoping to cheer him up. It was NerveGear. It wasn’t long before he logged on to SAO and realized he was trapped. There was a lot that he regretted that day... During his adventures in the virtual labyrinth, his first intention was to start a Guild known as the Rising Dragons. He met plenty of players in the game, and he even got into a relationship with a girl under the username Krysta. He also ran into Victor Falcon, under the name Ind0minus, and April Darren, under the name Auranika, and the repeating encounters lead to a three-way rivalry. My, were there plenty of shenanigans... When he finally escaped from that game, he spent his first two months of freedom restoring his body, and spending time with Krysta, known in the real world as Jewel Verity. He also met up with one of his real world friends, and after telling the tale of his adventures, his friend encouraged him to write this story into a novel. As he wrote, he found a new game to delve into. But that's a different story... Now having both writing and YouTube to live off of, he was able to get himself a living space of his own. It wasn't very big, just a one-story home. Of course, it was better than nothing. It had been a full four years since his first full dive, and he began to hear of Gun Gale Online from many people, whether they truly knew him or not. He made a new name to go by in Gun Gale, and was actually a bit excited about an FPS VRMMORPG. Of course, he had no clue what would be in store for him... Virtues: Flaws: Profession: TBD » Stats (Total): Relationships: Roleplays:
  10. Vigilon

    So... Has the progress stopped?

    I do admit, I would love to see ALO-RPG become a reality. I might not have the time or skill to join or assist in the project... But I can try spreading the word if it still helps!
  11. I want to get into GGO, but I can't decide which of these possible avatars to go with. Anyone want to help? There's currently no GGO(OOC) Subforum to place my problem, so...

    Here are the possible Avatars:


    Idea #1:



    Idea #2:



    Idea #3(Pretty cool in my opinion):



    Idea #4(You want him to be unlucky when being given an avatar? xD ):



    1. Sharr


      Welcome! Choose 4 don't worry my suggestions are always 100% accurate

    2. Kirae


      I'd suggest 2 or 4 :D

    3. Vigilon


      I have also collected some opinions from some people I know personally...

      The avatar that has the most votes is in this spoiler.



      Vigilon the character, if he existed, would send his regards in his best Daffy Duck voice, "You're Despicable..."

      But this is all in good fun anyway.

       I'll get to making the journal soon. Thank you for sharing your thoughts!