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The World Seed

Gun Gale Online

Welcome to the Phantom Bullet Arc!

This is Gun Gale Online, otherwise known as GGO. A tale of players in a post-apocalyptic world where the best tools is your main gun and secondary weapon. The rules are clear, shoot the other player before they shoot you. Before you begin, please familiar yourself with this genre's play-by-post by reading up the tutorial here

And happy shooting!


  1. Tutorials

    The complete rules, resources, and guide for all different aspects of the game.

  2. Locker Room

    All new journals are submitted here. You can also find other existing journals here if you would like to read up on other players in Gun Gale Online.

  3. Evaluations

    Crafted items must be submitted for evaluation before they can be used. Have a member of staff evaluate your crafts and familiars.

  4. SBC Glocken

    Any and all RPs that take place within the (relatively) safe zone that is SBC Glocken.

  5. The Wasteland

    Anything outside of SBC Glocken takes place here. Be careful, you may find yourself on the receiving end of a monster attack, or a bullet with your name on it.

  6. Tournaments

    Every so often tournaments run by Staff will be held here. Participants looking to enter the Battle Royale known as the Bullet of Bullets Tournament, or the squad-based tournament known as Squad Jam will want to come here.

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  7. The Black Market

    Player-run shops and services that allow you to purchase equipment and items.

  8. Mission Board

    A list of quests that can be completed for additional rewards.

  9. Player Request Board

    If you need help on a quest, want to recruit squad members, or make a trade, post in the player request board! Threads in this section should still be in character--imagine you are posting a request to a bulletin board.

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  10. Bounty Board

    Got a particular monster that’s keeping you from getting that nice piece of loot? Maybe a player keeps killing you over and over again and you’ve had enough, but you can’t kill them yourself? This is where to go. Post a bounty on a specific player or even a particular mob if you want a higher level player to do the work for you. Upon completion the bounty is paid to the player who did the job. All bounties are overseen by staff.

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  11. Unrestricted Chat Filter

    This is a mature section, recommended for players age 16+. Threads in this section are not eligible for SP or other rewards, but if you are interested in some more mature writing, contact a staff member for access to this section.

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  12. Squadrons

    Looking to join or start a squad? Check out Squads for more information.

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