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    • Kiro~

      I'm looking forward to roleplaying with everyone.
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    • Grimm

      Quick question, I was looking through the staff directory and I noticed that there was a PA development team and a OS development team, what does OS and PA stand for?
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    • Sharr

      Anyone else having trouble editing replies or is it just me?
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    • Vigilon

      So, I've got some thoughts on how GGO is right now, and perhaps some of these thoughts can be discussed.
      Overall, I'd say it's going great, but there are some things that could be thought about or improved, although I'm only sharing my thoughts here. It's ultimately your decisions on what is considered.
      Weapons and quality: I understand that weapons already have their range bonuses and damage, but honestly, what's the point of them having any enhancement slots if there aren't any enhancements for them? If that is for the maximum attachments to add to the weapon, then I understand, and this thought is to be disregarded.
      Biomes...?: So, I know that the wasteland is anywhere outside of the city, but other than ruins of other cities, settlements, and deserts, what else is there? A dictionary entry I read on wasteland was like this:
      waste·land /ˈwās(t)land/ noun noun: wasteland an unused area of land that has become barren or overgrown. 2. a bleak, unattractive, and unused or neglected urban or industrial area.       So....yeah, I can actually see other types of wastelands besides just desert and ruins.
      Again, I'll leave what happens to be up to you. I'm just sharing my thoughts.
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    • Sharr

      Here’s another thread completed. (failed the quest anyone wanna do this again with me?) Anyone wanna RP? I am interested in doing any quest, but social rps are fine too, and so is Drone Hunting.
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